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Magento Quick view Extension
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Magento Quick view Extension

Magento Quick view ExtensionVersion1.0

Magento Community 1.5.x - 1.8.x
Product Quick View for Magento store makes your site easier and faster to navigate. Customers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigation page.


Many shoppers want to have a quick review of product detail when they are browsing the product listing page. The Quick view function will not only reduce the shopping time but also will bring the convenient experience to shopper. Your Magento website should have this function as core feature.

Product Quick View Magento extension is a perfect solution to minimize the time spent by customers on your site when they click on any product to view its details. So now customers do not have to go back and forth on category listing and product pages as many times as they click on any product. Instead, this Magento extension displays the necessary product information to customers in a lightbox once they click on Quick View icon

Highlight Feature

    • Support all types of products

      Quick View extension supports them all -- simple, configurable, grouped, virtual, and downloadable!

    • Able to combine with your theme

      Easily modify styles of a quick view pop up from admin panel

    • AJAX makes faster navigation

      Fast and efficient AJAX navigation so no need to reload pages

    • Support all major browsers

      Supported on all major old and new browsers. The extension will even work on degraded browsers with the disabled Javascrip.

From, we develop an excellent Magento Quickview module which doesn't hack templates, so you can install the extension into your current Magento website, and use it immediately.

Magento Quick View extension is a great feature to enhance users experience browsing your store. Magento Quick View prevents users from reloading pages to see full description and allows them to instantly buy products without wasting time or risks to leave pages due to slow loading. If a description is too long, a slider will be used to manage it.

  • Browsing product on listing page

    When customer click Quick View Icon, there appears quickly a Window with product information such as product images ( with zoomer ), product information, product attributes, product prices, product reviews, add to cart button, add to wishlist button, link to compare view, link to product detail page and so. We arrange these sections of information by beautiful tabs.

  • Zoom effects

    Let your customers see the final version of the product they are buying to reduce the returns resulting from customer frustration. Customers can zoom images and eventually choose what they like.

  • Quickly add products to cart from a pop-up

    Customers can quickly add products to cart from a product popup. Browsing products becomes easier and faster, and encourages sales.

  • Config contents from quick view pop up

    The information can be displayed on a product popup such as product reviews, a short description, Add to cart button. Previous/next buttons are completely configurable from the backend.

  • Easily stylize the pop up

    You can change the background colors, Quickview border colors, background opacities and positions of the Quickview window

    You can add a label for a quick view button

  • Easily config thumbnails

    You can enabel/disable zoom functionality, config sizes of images

Additional Details

  • Support all types of products
  • Display all products options in a quick view popup
  • Easily configure the width of the quick view window
  • Easily change positions of overlaid images
  • Centralize the dialog on the screen or put it a towards the top
  • Support all major browsers
    The extension is supported on all major browsers. It even works on a degraded browsers with disabled Javascript
  • Developed to work fine with any third-party theme
  • Ability to show the Quickview button on all product grids, product widgets, product blocks besides the product category pages.
  • No core hacks

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Magento Quick view Extension

Magento Quick view Extension
Product Quick View for Magento store makes your site easier and faster to navigate. Customers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigation page.

Step1. Your Domain License

Professional Installation Service (Set up extension exactly like our demo and fix all bugs that may arise during installation)*

1 Domain

Product can be used on 1 Domain and Support is on 1 Domain.

5 Domains +$100.00

Product can be used on 5 Domains and Support is on 5 Domains.

Unlimited Domains +$180.00

Product can be used on Unlimited Domains and Support is on Unlimited Domains.

Step2. Installation SERVICES

You save: $31.00

Earn 49 points for buying this product.

Question: Can I translate these extensions into other languages like Spanish, Chinese …?

Answer: Yes, please submit your questions at, our developers will help you locate where to update or change languages to suite your needs. Magento supports international languages, please find your languages packages  here Magento.

Question: Can I customize extensions to suite my needs?

Answer: Yes, you can modify our extensions at your discretion. However, you cannot resell or place the modified extensions (the whole) like downloads on your site.

Question: I did checkout the order but I have not received the download link?

Answer: The download link will be automatically sent to your payment email address within 5 minutes after the payment is done. Please check your inbox/spam, open the confirmation email and there will be your download link.

Question: How can I download the product which I’ ve just bought?

Answer: Please check the Order Confirmation Email, there is a download link inside. You can also use the download code to download the extension from our website via this link. Each single purchase product has its own code, and you have to copy the right code to download your product.

Question: How long can I download a single purchase product?

Answer: You can still download the product within 6 months (180 days) from the payment date and download up to 100 times. If the limit is over, you will have to buy the product again.

Question: Can I download updates of new versions?

Answer: Yes, within 6 months of your purchase, if we update the extension or template, we will also update the download package/ download link, so please use the download link in your confirmation email to get the latest version of the product.

Question: How do I find if my product has been updated or a new version is released?

Answer: Visit the product details page and you can check the status of updates or version releases. Remember to check your inbox/spam to get our newsletters for updates, latest versions or new products.

Question: I do not have a Paypal account. Do you support other payment methods?

Answer: Yes! You should know that Paypal supports all major types of Credit cards. Visit Paypal for more information, so you can still pay via Paypal with your credit card or send payments to the email address: , we will confirm your order. In other cases, send an email to, we will support you.

Question: Do you have a refund policy?

Answer: Yes, we have a refund policy here. You can contact us at special refund cases.

Question: Can I install products on multiple domains?

Answer: It depends on the domain license support for which you purchase.


Happy Clients

Products Reviews (6)

Rating: Posted By:
Very Good exatension with the excellent functionality. Quick support.
They explain all the solution why we get the error this way is batter. thank you so much.
Good and quick support copmare to all others module providers
Thursday, 27 March 2014
Rating: Posted By: Jackie
Great support! We had a conflict with another module and Dang resolved it quickly. I will definitely purchase other modules from this store.
Tuesday, 25 March 2014
Rating: Posted By: Bimetica PDS ESB65592925
Excellent extension.

Is helping me a lot with some functionalities of my website and the support team is always there.

Extension totally recommended.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014
Rating: Posted By: kevin
We bought two extensi from cmsmart. there are some issues with our custom theme after the installation but Dang was so helpful and patient to help us to resolve the issue one by one. Great support and will buy extension from them again.
Thursday, 20 March 2014
Rating: Posted By: Delphin Sam
Really Very good support.

They fixed my ajax conflict with jquery error very short of time.
Again thanks for your support and extension.
Monday, 19 August 2013
Rating: Posted By: Michael
Hi. It's Michael in United States.
First of all, thank you for your very good support for me.
I bought this extension a week ago. But after installation, it doesn't work, because installed many JQuery & Ajax extension to my site, I think. so, I asked to fix this matter with my requirements to cmsmart, he kindly fixed that matter without FTP server information.
It's very nice & excellent extension. It is very well worth for everyone.

Again thanks & very good support...
Monday, 01 July 2013
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